Harvey Danger - Flagpole Sitta (Official Music Video)

We are BEYOND stoked to finally officially announce something we have been teasing for quite some time…. The first ever & band approved vinyl release of Where have all the merrymakers gone? from Harvey Danger. Pre-order it now & grab a t-shirt via the Package Deal spot and save $3 @ http://nslp.co/harveydanger.

This release includes a gatefold jacket with Special Liner Notes written by Sean Nelson, and an entirely new layout done by the band to celebrate the release.

“Under the long shadow of 17 years’ worth of memory, I must say that listening back to the 10 songs that changed everything for us is a bracing sensation. To hear the person you were when you weren’t yet who you are now is to understand how little you understood, and to recognize how little you even could have understood. This is doubly bracing when you consider that the person you were then had everything riding on the depth of his understanding. It’s tempting to be hard on your past self, the one who made all those idiotic mistakes, who scorched so many friendships, who insisted he knew exactly what we was doing while steering car after car into ditch after ditch. And yet, temptations aside, it feels a lot better, and in a much bigger way, to hoist hindsight’s binoculars to your deteriorating eyes and spy something you love.” (full inscription from Nelson can be found in the liner notes of the vinyl LP).

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