Shouse x Ferrer x Troxler - (still) WON'T4GETU [Official Audio]

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At once both twisted deep dance floor odyssey and masterclass in monastic minimalism, “(still) WON’T4GETU” is a complete re-imagining of the 2022 hit, by SHOUSE and dance legends Dennis Ferrer and Seth Troxler. Created using un-released recordings from the original sessions, and forged on the edges of club music by a trio of the cultures most radical forces.

Already a much sought after underground jam causing massive reactions since appearing as the closing track at Troxler’s Circoloco Sonar show, Movement Detroit, and dozens of sets by all three artists throughout the Ibiza season and beyond. This timeless rework arrives as the debut release in a series of club-focused collaborations under SHOUSE’s “Communitas” banner.

Seth Troxler comments: “When I first met Shouse in Ibiza, through our mutual friend Tyson, at DC 10, we immediately hit off. When they returned from the trip they wrote ‘Won’t Forget You’, and then got in touch and asked me to do a remix based on our experience together in Ibiza. Once I started working on it I knew then it could be a real bomb. I phoned Dennis and said, I think I got something let’s collab. We set up a date for me to fly to New Jersey where he lives. Hit the studio for 3 days and made this. And I’ve been playing the remix every set ever since. The last record moment. So many track ID requests. It’s FINALLY out!”

Dennis Ferrer adds: “This remix opportunity came at just the right time. The record was a great fit. Working with Seth was effortless fun. Things unfolded naturally and the result speaks for itself. It doesn’t get much catchier than this one!”

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