Micro Music Blog


This is my micro blog for this site. Sometimes I wanna say some off the wall stuff inspired by.. THE MUSIC! So this is the place where I’m gonna do that.

I got this structure from jekyll themes, it’s such a pleasure when developers leave little hints and tips like the piping symbol error in order to throw you a bone. That’s lacking these days. It was a pleasure editing and figuring out how it worked. Everything was organized accordingly. I’m excited to have such great resources lately.

Enjoy the music. I’m going to try to vary it up. Something fun, different, and what everyone is out there listening to. I enjoy each one of these songs that I post thoroughly. I wouldn’t post it just to post it, or if I thought it may look cool. I only post and listen to stuff I enjoy.

I have to feel the music. I can tolerate it, I even enjoy other musics, but to really enjoy it fully, I have to feel it.

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