Recently, there were some updates to a program called, “sidecar”. This is a Javascript provided by that allows the chat to float in a box and be opened. This was recently migrated to the new matrix chat system. We are now live in matrix, but we are waiting for our applet to be fixed. Hopefully that happens. They are experiencing some strange issues, or perhaps I am. At this point, its hard to figure out as I am noticing anomoly after anomoly on my end. Hoping this turns out to be a glitch. I’ll have a look at it tomorrow when I’m well rested and ready to get back at it. For now, enjoy the link I’ve provided on the main page. It links to the chatroom. Create an account and head on over to chat or join us directly on your favorite matrix client.

Click to join chat

Also we have removed all tracking/cookies/everything that has a tracker. The share buttons are the only forseeable issue and they might be removed as well if they aren’t compliant.